Top 3 Benefits You Get When You Take Advantage of Reputation Marketing Than Reputation Management

Most business owners who do not come from the marketing world usually are not actually aware of the difference between reputation marketing and reputation management. But it’s not their job to tell you that’s why I am here to share the advantages of doing reputation marketing for your business. There are several key differences that you as a business owner should be aware of if want to skyrocket your business growth to the next level.

Reputation Marketing strengthens your reputation as a business

Reputation management as most of us know is just the regulated version of our reputation online. Managing online reputation does not get your more five star ratings because it’s merely just management, monitoring and replying to reviews good or bad.

If your goal is not just to manage the reviews that you’ve had since the last time your customer has left you a message and you want to strengthen and keep generating recent reviews, reputation marketing is the way to go.

Reputation marketing is your opportunity to constantly generate reviews to build up your online reputation and prove how good of your service is to potential customers looking for an establishment just like yours.

Take this as an example:

Reputation management is like camping in the woods in a tent if there is a strong storm you could possibly be in danger, whereas reputation marketing is like bringing a big RV in the woods and even when there’s a storm coming, you know you will weather it just fine.

What I’m getting at is, the foundation of your online reputation will be much stronger when you build it up with reputation marketing versus reputation management.

Reputation marketing builds credibility that lasts

Reviews online are not just helpful information that customers say about you and your service. It is a recommendation and their way to help other consumers to either take advantage of your “MUST-TRY” service or run the other way if all you serve on the menu is aggravation. Your online reviews build your online reputation as a business and one review can sometimes spread like wildfire. If it’s a good review, it’ll build up your business and credibility, if it’s bad – your days of operation might be numbered. Let’s hope it’s always the former.

However, reviews are more credible if they are consistent, recent and high in numbers. With reputation marketing helping you generate more and more reviews from your happy customers frequently, you won’t just be regarded as a respectable establishment that gives amazing service. These reviews will help you build your credibility and people will instantly trust you and do business with you because a lot of people can vouch for it through the reviews.

If you are credible and trustworthy, you will get more and more people to come to your establishment, do business with you and increase your revenue. This is also backed up by a study from Harvard that if you continue to receive more and more reviews online then it increases your star rating, it also increases your revenue by 9% annually.

You really want to miss out on that?

Remember, consumers still believe and put a huge importance on recommendations made by other people… Reviews are one of them. Whether it’s online or offline, it counts. Stop slacking on your reviews and get on your reputation marketing today.

Reputation marketing positions your business as a valuable company

Let’s say, you and your business has been around for a about 25 years. Your doors are still open and that really speaks a lot about your success as an establishment. However, newcomers come and go over the years and at one point, one of them will blow your business out of the water with their innovative ideas.

They can rock your boat. Sure, you have a 5 star rating across the board from 3 people 10 years ago. Face it pal, you are in danger.

In most cases, other business owners handle this by closing shop and selling the business and they really don’t get their money’s worth because they weren’t able to position themselves as a valuable entity in the community. You might be tempted to follow suit and it’s smart, but what if you could still be in the running for America’s next best company if you invest time to request more reviews from your customers and use those to market your reputation.

Reviews are a great tool to use for positioning. If a lot of people are leaving 5 star reviews about your business, raving recommendations, you are still open after 25 years and still counting especially when you’ve outlasted all your competitors… It will get people thinking, this business must be really have great service or this business must be really profitable and all that speculation. The reviews help in positioning your business as a company of value.

If you have a stellar reputation and you decide to sell the business, you don’t need to sell it at a depreciated price. You can sell it at a higher price that matches its value.

Marketing your reputation is a good investment of your time and money because you always see ROI right away and it will continue to serve you in the long run.

To conclude, there are so many benefits for your business when you do reputation marketing. It’s something new and not everyone is doing it yet, but it definitely brings a lot of value to your company. The best way to go about this is to start doing reputation marketing for your business and start today!

If you need more information about reputation marketing, we would be happy to provide you with all the information you need. Contact us here or if you want to get started now we have a few spots left for reputation marketing seats, apply here.

How To Leverage Your Online Reputation To Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 3 Simple Ways

Nowadays your online reputation has more importance than ever. Wherever you turn your head, you’ll see somebody or someone scrolling up and down on google searching for anything that can give them the information they are looking for.

They might be on Google searching for the next business that can give them what they need. Whether it’s your address, your website or your online ratings, you and your business are being more analyzed than ever today than it did before.

This can either be great for your business or monumentally bad especially if your online reputation is not as stellar as you would like it to be.

Of course, we do hope that your business has a fantastic star rating across every major platform and review boards there is and you can use that to power up your online marketing strategy.

How exactly can you do that? I am glad you asked.

I made a list of all our reputation marketing strategies and I’m now going to share 3 simple ways you can use your online reputation to enhance your client acquisition strategies online and make more money in the process.

Stand out from the Crowd

If you are standing in the middle of a crowded business field, what you want is to stand out and not blend in.

One easy way to do that is by showing off the reviews and ratings that your customers gave you. Your online reputation is always a great starting point that can definitely lure new customers through the door of your business.

When clients and customers are searching for businesses online, they choose the business with the highest star rating and the best comments almost always. Other times, they may still go for the ones that have a 3.5 rating but has 2,000 reviews against your 2 5-star ratings.

So other than the number of star rating, you also need to generate real customer reviews consistently to prove that your business and the service you provide is the best in twon.

These then, in turn, can be used on your website, social media, ads, funnels or other marketing materials as first-hand testimonies that will help you prove and also promote how excellent your service is.

Let everyone that walks through the doors of your business or visits your website see that you are a 4-5 star establishment, you have loyal customers who love your service and support your brand.

If you use your online ratings and reputation as a tool to help you get noticed and get more customers, it is an effective strategy that will help customers establish in their minds that choosing your business is a no-brainer. It is the best, if not one and only choice.

Try Something New

All the successful businesses that we have connected within our network have one thing in common:

They are constantly looking for new ways to attract more customers towards their product or service every day and that is what makes them and their business successful.

You might think that you don’t have the budget to spend on marketing and ads, you don’t have to yet. You can, however, growth hack it using the reviews and ratings that your business has online.

How do you get customers to spread the word about your excellent service?

Give people incentives.

When you give customers some incentive in exchange for a 5-star rating online, they will happily oblige.

Although, you need to have a process of verification that it was really them who posted on the review platforms either manually or with the help of a reputation marketing company.

Give your customers a small incentive that you know will be of value to them. This new technique is something you can use in your digital marketing strategy to get more customers to give you more money.

This method will also help you increase your online ratings and reputation extremely fast and the reviews your business will have are going to be consistently relevant.

Let your customers do the marketing for you

There is no better way to get more business and customer then to have your previous happy and satisfied customers do the marketing for you.

Whether it is online or offline, word of mouth referrals is not a lost art in the growth and success of every business.

A cool and neat way to do this is to feature your most loyal customers as your brand ambassadors.

You can also give them free merchandise or stickers to hand out and post about on their social media. Today, every one is on social media and it is wise to use it as one of the tools to direct interested customers to your website or storefront.

Other than effective, this is also an affordable way to make your brand possibly travel to places you have never been without needing to purchase air faire and accommodations.

Think of ways to convince your loyal customers to spread the word about your business because 88% of consumers trust recommendations and referrals by real people online or offline.

This is a sure way for you to gain more trust from new and potential clients/customers because they are moved as soon as they see your current customers are happily supporting you.

This will definitely convince them to favor your product or service as trustworthy over your competitors.

Ultimately, as business owners, we have to keep thinking outside the box and produce new innovative ways to excite our customers that support us.  Leveraging our online ratings, reviews and reputation will help us steer the odds in our favor.

Online reputation is now one of the most, if not extremely, important elements to add to your digital marketing strategy. It does not just allow us to enhance our online presence, but it also gives us a great idea on how we can serve our clients to the highest level of our abilities.

To sell is to give and when you give, your business’ online reputation shall open up a path for you to find more customers that can benefit from hiring your business and/or buying from you.

To become 5 stars is our goal, what is yours? Drop a comment below and also let us know if you found this helpful!