I’m sure you’ve heard of reputation management. You’ve done it, but it’s not bringing you new customers. Not that it is not effective, it’s just that the techniques used in reputation management our outdated – it doesn’t make your phone ring.

What if other than bringing you new clients to work with, your customers also do the marketing for you?

Word of mouth and personal recommendations are not dead!

With the newest method offered by our reputation marketing service, you can attract new leads, maintain your healthy reputation and do it yourself in less than 15 minutes a month.

That’s right! Less than 15 mins a month. So, instead of paying someone to do it for you 40 hours a week, $1500/month (that’s $18,000/year!), you can do it on your own for $150/month. That’s 10x less than what you spend for employing someone.

The services is $1800 in value. If you fill out the application and get approved, you can get the service for $999/year ($80/month).

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