Top 5 Palm Beach County Locations For Photoshoots: Boost Your Business and Attract More Customers With Stock-worthy Photos

Palm beach county is one of the most beautiful counties in all of America. If you’re lucky enough to have your own business in this piece of paradise then you’ll have no problem finding great locations to take photos for your business.

How can photos help you boost your business?

In this day and age where people are craving for visual aids that will either entertain them or soothe them, a high definition photo with vibrant colors, artsy backdrops or a refreshing photo of nature can catch your audience’s attention. It’s called pattern interruption in marketing.

These last few years, stock photos were in. But now, people want something more personal and close to reality. Everyday photos from real people that convey warmth and true connection.

Combine these aspects when you take a photo in any of these incredible locations for photoshoots within Palm Beach County, you have your own stock-worthy photo that can interrupt any pattern or draw anyone’s attention into your business.

Here are the top locations I can personally recommend if you plan on doing a photo shoot within Palm Beach County.

#5.) Boynton Beach Art District

A small but very interesting Art District in the old industrial center of Boynton Beach. This place is covered in murals and allows you to capture a background filled with vibrant colors that will liven your photo. This Art District also offers an urban industrial feel that appears to be ultimately popular at the moment.

#4.) Loxahatchee Slough Natural Area


If you’re looking for a real outdoor and adventurous theme, look no further because the Loxahatchee Slough Natural Area is the place to be. This diamond in the rough runs across the entire western section of Palm Beach County. Filled with an abundance of old Florida pine trees, tall cattails, and giant Lilly pads – this is nirvana for the ultimate nature enthusiast idea.

#3.) The Lake Park Arts Gallery


One of the newest locations I added on my list is The Lake Park Arts Gallery. Other than being one of the fastest growing art districts within palm beach county, this location is also known for real upbeat music, undeniably attractive and vibrant that’s great for pattern interruption. This is a location where you can create content for DAYS! With 3 sections of murals, you’re bound to find tons of angles that capture your eyes and heart.

#2.) Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Dubois Park


These 2 Parks situated right across from each other offer some of the best views from the county. With the historic lighthouse in the background to the crystal clear waters in Dubois Park, this place has a ton of scenic views situated in one area. The best time to capture its real beauty is at dawn so you can catch a picture-perfect sunrise to elicit emotion from your viewers. Another great time would be at sundown, it’s the best to use during valentines especially if you are in the business where you cater couples because yellow and purple skies is a great attraction for the romantics.

#1.) Delray Public Beach

Last but not least, The Delray Public Beach my top pick.

The Delray public beach is a great location to shoot business photos because who doesn’t love the beach?

This paradise takes our top spot for its beautiful blue skies and clear teal waters that gives a soothing effect to anyone who has been craving for some fun under the sun.

There’s a strategy that you can incorporate with this and it’s called future pacing where you paint a picture for your viewer or audience. With the help of a visual aid – such as a high definition photo you took-  it takes them to a time or place where they want to be.

It’s effective especially for businesses that offer travel and tours or beach apparels.

Whether you are going for an outdoor theme or the great indoors, these places will make your photos look like they came from a magazine.

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